reducing the toll of cardiovascular disease

Charitable organization devoted to providing facilities for supervised exercise, education and social activities for people with heart related issues and concerns.

OUR Mission

CARG promotes healthy living and provides facilities for exercise programs and education classes on heart health in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Health Region and with support from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. The goal of CARG is to be a gold standard of health care delivery, demonstrating what can be achieved when patients take an active role in their health. After forty-five years of its inception and with 30 years of partnership with CARG, research has concluded that Cardiac Rehabilitation reduces mortality by about 23%. It is now standard care that while in hospital a nurse educator meets with the patient to answer questions they may have, to help them better understand heart disease and to make the patient aware of the programs available to them after they leave the hospital as well as provide them with a manual that outlines resources and guidelines to help them in their road to recovery. CARG volunteers visit patients in the hospital to share their health experience and to share information of CARG


Cardiac rehabilitation for individuals who experienced heart events began in 1969. Starting from a humble beginning of about thirty persons participating in exercises in the Ellis Hall Gym and walking in the tunnels under the Royal University Hospital, the program now has more than 1,300 persons participating in the programs at the Saskatoon Field House, Shaw Centre and other locations. In addition to its undoubted medical benefits, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in Saskatoon has created a very powerful fellowship of individuals who have bonded together to help one another toward a better life. The cardiac rehabilitation model in Saskatoon has been used to create similar programs and services regionally, provincially and nationally for people with pulmonary disease, diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors such as increased body weight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, individuals who have suffered a stroke or have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Click the link below to learn further about our history.



2020 was an unprecedented year for non-profit organizations. CARG continues to thrive and deliver on its mission to reduce the toll of cardiovascular disease. The button below contains business reports for the year 2020.

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This growth and expansion of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program has involved support from many volunteers, and health care professionals to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. We're always looking for new volunteers to join our growing team. Contact us to get involved! 


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